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For School Staff

Blended learning means an approach where modern digital possibilities and online educational materials are combined with traditional classroom methods to support the learning process.

Teachers are usually eager to learn more about digital possibilities in their work but for several reasons the supply and demand do not always match.

What Does the BLENDI Project Offer?

The Blended Learning for Inclusion project offers easily accessible and tailor-made solutions to support the development of digital skills in your school and promotes inclusion of all students.

You will be able to integrate the BLENDI framework in existing curricula as part of your own paedagogical approach in the classroom.

All materials and courses are funded by the Erasmus+ programme and are free of charge for schools.

Why Do We Need It?

The digital revolution challenges many teachers. There may be a need for improving teachers´ and students´ digital skills but the school budgets do not often allow comprehensive digital training for teachers.

Despite these challenges, it is crucial for schools to support democratic schooling in the digital era by addressing the digital divide which leads to the social exclusion of disadvantaged groups.

What are the Benefits for Participants?

  • BLENDI Platform, a database for the process
  • BLENDI Toolkit that will help you in using blended learning based on the principles of inclusive education
  • Implementation of SELFIE: schools’ specific needs regarding digital technologies will be identified
  • Training courses for teachers
  • Paedagogical framework to support your own classwork and curriculum


If you are interested in finding out more and starting a blended journey free of charge, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please feel free to take a look at our leaflet and let your colleagues know about it.

BLENDI Guidelines

Further reading: BLENDI Guidelines (pdf)